About Our Shade Grown Organic Coffee Beans

ownersKeens Beans is totally committed to using organic and sustainable coffee farming methods to produce some of the best coffee beans available. Our Costa Rican farm annually produces a small quantity of select, shade grown, organic Arabica beans for shipment to our roaster in the United States.

Our coffee is picked, by hand, from November through February. Immediately after picking, the fruit surrounding the bean is removed and the beans are then spread out to be dried by the sun. After the drying is complete, the beans are “rested” for a period of up to forty-five days before further processing is done. The green coffee beans are then ready for shipment to the U.S.

Green coffee beans are very stable and will retain their quality for an extended period of time. However, once the beans are roasted, they will only retain their excellence for a very limited time. This is why Keens Beans roasts orders for our coffee in the U.S. immediately prior to shipping. This ensures maximum freshness. We believe our customers should experience the very best coffee available. Home roasters may also purchase our green coffee beans.

About Our Costa Rican Coffee Farm

After visiting Costa Rica for over 40 years, we decided to purchase property there. Having discovered that the coffee of Costa Rica was some of the best coffee we’ve ever tasted, we purchased a small coffee farm in the mountains just below the cloud forest at Monteverde. The site looks down from 3600 feet to the Gulf of Nicoya, Nicoya peninsula, the Pacific Ocean and the oceanfront town of Puntarenas. The view is stunning, and the location is perfect for producing the best coffee beans. We have spent the last five years revitalizing the existing coffee plants, terracing the mountainous land to control erosion and facilitate the picking process, planting thousands of new coffee plants, planting indigenous shade trees, and generally changing to an organic coffee growing culture. In our spare time we also renovated a small house on the property to live in.

We have entered into partnership with a Costa Rican family that is also interested in the benefits of organic coffee production. The Tico (a local term for a Costa Rican native) gentleman is a local pioneer in organic coffee farming, with well over a decade of experience. The partnership has enabled us to build a new coffee bean processing and drying facility. We were also able to incorporate the latest in water “low flow” technology, which has made us eligible for organic certification in processing as well as growing.

Only about nine percent of the coffee beans produced annually in Costa Rica are organic. Growing organic coffee is much more labor intensive and therefore substantially more costly. Farmers who use chemicals to grow their crops and control weeds are able to produce more coffee beans per acre using less labor. However, chemically grown beans suffer in quality, and the land they are grown on is eventually depleted. Because of this, farmers who use chemicals also have problems producing annual crops that are of consistent quality. We feel that there are many coffee drinkers in the United States whose priority is superior coffee that consistently delivers a rich, smooth flavor — a healthier coffee that is produced organically without chemicals, while protecting the environment and sustaining the land. Mother Earth truly needs all the help she can get and we at Keens Beans are proud to do what we can.

The entire experience has been educational and enlightening, and has helped us integrate into the local community. We are looking forward to a long and rewarding future in Costa Rica. All of us hope you will enjoy drinking our Costa Rican coffee as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

About Our Locations

Our coffee roasting facility is located at our headquarters in the historic city of Pensacola, Florida. Local vendors sell Keens Beans roast coffee throughout Northwest Florida and southeastern Alabama. If you live in or are visiting the area, including Pensacola, Perdido, Gulf Breeze, Pace, Milton, Century, Navarre, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Destin, or Fort Walton Beach, you can pick up some of our fresh roasted coffee beans in person at the Palafox Market on Saturdays or at Apple Market. You can even purchase our fine coffee products online for the ultimate convenience. We will ship our gourmet coffee beans and organic coffee products anywhere in the United States. Your whole bean coffee will be fresh roasted in Pensacola, Florida, and shipped to you immediately upon your order. Contact us directly about our wholesale, private label or other opportunities to get & use our beans.

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